Pricing varies depending on the service being offered and any equipment or software that will need to be purchased. No two situations are the same so why should cost be a flat rate. The Tech Man is willing to work with any budget and/or money situation. Willie understands that times are tough and he is willing to be flexible with money. Money is never the goal in getting anything solved. Pricing is on a case by case basis but if you want a general rule of thumb for pricing, it will be around $10/hour and the cost of gas.

Included in the cost of gas, the Tech Man can come to you to help you with your problems. Willie can also do pickup of your device if required for no extra charge.

If all you have is a software problem, the cheapest plan is to do the following:

The method listed above will only work however if it's a Desktop machine (Windows, Mac, Linux) that has a Software problem only. This service will only cost $9/hour with no gas charge. E-mail me here or leave a message on my Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you need help setting it up.

Of course, asking questions is always free. Just visit my social media profiles at the very bottom or leave a request on the Contact page.

If for some very odd reason, the Tech Man can't solve your problem, then there is no charge for his service to you.